NASAAN oozes creative self-expression. The 25-year-old raps, produces, directs, edits, engineers, and masterminds his bigger-than-life visuals. “I want to be a reminder for people just to be themselves,” he declares. Although NASAAN is bustling with energy—humor, passion, and thought, he is serious about his cause. “I want to be the reason kids feel comfortable in their own skin, like being okay wearing a weak-ass outfit they feel great in.” The Detroit-born, Atlanta-raised artist’s personality is as big and bold in conversation as in records and videos. “There’s no gray line with me; I’m always going to be myself.” After years of sharpening his skills, NASAAN is stepping forth with his Assemble Sound/Atlantic Records debut, Error 404, featuring Icewear Vezzo, Big Sean, Babytron, Swavay, Daniel Hex, and others. The project, involving some of Detroit’s best, also honors NASAAN’s ATL upbringing, with the area code referenced in the title Error 404 (era 404)—a play on words that draws on his life.

The son of platinum, chart-topping D12 artist Proof. NASAAN was only six when his father was murdered, but their overlapping talents and captivating personalities are palpable. “Our energies align so perfectly, and we’re so parallel in a way,” says NASAAN. After the tragedy, NASAAN and his mom bounced around before settling in Atlanta, where NASAAN became a Rap-obsessed teenager who studied Wayne, Travis, and Tyler. NASAAN, a former classmate of Lil Yachty, is also an expressive eccentric. “I’m an attention whore, but I’m also introverted.”

NASAAN’s rapping caught the attention of Paul Rosenberg, who signed him to Def Jam when he led the historic record company. After that label regime changed, NASAAN lost the deal and regrouped. The disenchanted talent returned to Detroit with his friends and reexamined his career. That added an intensity. “I was forced to shoot my own videos because I didn’t have enough money, and people kept telling me no,” he recalls. “I just happened to be good at it.” From music videos like “RIP Fresh” and “Pass The Courvoisier Freestyle” to his explosive new single “Cullinan Gang,” NASAAN understands how important it is that the visuals he and his team create are there to enhance the ultimate NASAAN experience. Now back on a major, via Assemble Sound/Atlantic, NASAAN still moves and creates with the freedom of a DIY artist.

Although NASAAN is a creative one-stop who conceptualizes, shoots, edits, mixes, produces—as well as performs—he takes his time. “I care about the entire pie—being a complete artist. It’s more than rap. I want to make sure everything visually is tailored exactly to my brain. That’s my strongest suit.” He’s crafted his thematic introductory project for almost two years. “Detroit is my background, my roots, my lineage,” he explains. “Atlanta raised me. That’s the culture I’m familiar with, the slang, the cooking, and my music tastes.” That dichotomy comes alive on an experience largely produced by NASAAN. He points to songs like “Cullinan Gang,” featuring Vezzo, where two artists with polarizing brands come together to make collaborative synergy. “Land Of Cap” opens up NASAAN’s inner-most thoughts to a grabbing beat, while “Goated”' presents a new school leader with an elite flow. “Lunchroom Freestyle'' embodies NASAAN's playfulness. “I am not just a rapper,” he touts. “I'm a complete renaissance artist who isn’t scared to offer myself in this crazy, comical, goofy, visual way.”

On Error 404, NASAAN showcases his ability to thrive between different worlds. And in between his wisdom and jokes, his animated expressions and eye contact, NASAAN is pure authenticity.

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Goated (feat. Royce Da 5'9")
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